Organic Wholegrain Soymilk in Pink by Kuan Ming Chen, Mint

Soybean contains isoflavones, which help maintain bone health and relieve post menopausal symptoms in women. While beetroot is also a superfood adored by women as it is low in calories with considerable amounts of folate, iron and vitamin C, all of which are nutrients important for women’s health. Top up with ingredients like mixed nuts and seeds for an extra dose of healthy fats and oats for beta glucan (a kind of soluble fiber that is proven to be able to lower cholesterol level), this makes a healthy balanced meal for all women. You may also try this recipe using readily made organic sugar-free soy milk or soy powder for a more convenient option.

Print the recipe: Organic Wholegrain Soymilk in Pink by Kuan Ming Chen

Kuan Ming Chen, Mint
(Instagram: Mum’s Love Is Organic)

Key facts

  • Preparation time: beans, steamed 1 hour ;  beetroot, steamed 10mins.

  • Cooking time: 1 hour and 15 mins

  • Serves 4


  • 1 cup of Simply Natural Organic Soy Beans, soaked 12 hours

  • 6-10 small pcs of organic beetroot, washed and cut

  • 500ml warm water

  • 4-5 tbsp of  organic oatmeal

  • handful of organic mix nuts and seeds

  • 2-3 tablespoon of Organic Omega 3-6-9 Oil ,

  • 2 small packs of probiotics

  • 1 tbsp of organic molasses to taste.


  1. Change soaking water for soybean after 4 hours, and remain soaking for another 8 hours.

  2. Steam the beans for an hour.

  3. Steam beetroot for 8-10 mins.

  4. Pour all ingredients into the blender and blend well.

The ingredients!

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