Anaya Trigona Propolis Throat Spray 12ml


Origin: Philippines
Status: Natural
Certification: N/A
Brand: Anaya
Highlights: Proven to kill 83% bad bacteria, Refresh throat spray is rich in propolis to help with immune and throat support. Unlike other propolis sprays which are typically bitter, our mildly-sweet herbal tasting spray is delicious even to enjoy as a mouth refresher. Wonderful for soothing throats and ulcers, while refreshing the breath. An easily portable immune and throat support.

Great also for those who enjoy having a candy/mint but prefer a natural and low-sugar alternative.

Only 4 natural ingredients in this handy throat spray including raw Trigona honey & propolis from stingless bees. Free from preservatives and additives.

Suitable for anyone, especially for those in sales, singers, speakers, teachers.


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