Organic Pear Xenia 2pcs Holland


Origin: Holland
Status: Organic
Certification: NASAA
Highlight: New season’s Xenia pears just in from Holland!

This delicious firm, juicy pear was developed by crossing the variety ‘Triomphe de Vienne’ with ‘Nicolai Krieren’. The hybrid was initially developed in Moldavia in 1968 and was then grown in Poland. In 2008 the first Xenia fruit trees were planted sustainably in the Netherlands and it is from Holland that organic Xenia® pears are now exported.The pears are usually available from the beginning of November to the end of February.

Looking a little like a fat Conference pear, the dense flesh is creamy white and may be eaten hard and crunchy or allowed to ripen and soften and become more juicy. It is a delightfully sweet, aromatic pear.

Like all pears it offers flavonoid antioxidants to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system and soluble/insoluble fibre to benefit both digestive and cardiovascular systems. The highest fibre and antioxidant content is in the skin, so with certified organic pears do wash and eat the skin!


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