Organic Japanese Rock Melon 1pc Vietnam


Origin: Vietnam
Status: Organic
Certification: JAS/NASAA
Specifications: Premium organic melons grown in Vietnam, carefully looked after by Organic farmers. Organic Japanese Rock Melon is fantastic when served fresh by itself or as the star in a fresh fruit salad. It  is delicious when partnered with ham, cheese or prawns.

Try the traditional Italian ‘prosciutto e melone ‘ based on the medicinal teachings of Humorism. Balance the body and boost the immune system by eating cold moist foods with hot dry foods.

Thought to originate in Central Asia, melon was one of the first plants to be domesticated and it was treasured by the Egyptians for its high water content and sweetness. The typical Brix value for melons is 10-11%, this variety of Cucumis melo is purported to be above 13%, the first arrival we tried was certainly sweetly delicious!

Being ~90% water, it is excellent for hydration and supplies abundant water-soluble vitamins B and C. This high fibre, low-sodium fruit, rich in potassium also supplies the carotenoid antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, known to support healthy eyes and vision. Give your skin and eyes a treat and try one of these delicious treasures while stocks last!


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