Naturally Ripened Organic Banana!

Do you know Bananas are among the most widely consumed fruits in the world?

A native of tropical regions, archaeological evidence suggests the banana was domesticated in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea as far back as 500 BCE! The early 20th century saw a rise in popularity of the banana. Banana Republics in Central and South America exploited this demand, with sophisticated shipping infrastructure and refrigeration techniques allowing bananas to be harvested unripe and dispatched all over the world.

No wonder demand is high, the banana is not only rich in potassium with a full range of B vitamins to support the heart and nervous system , it also contains all 8 of the essential amino acids our body cannot synthesize. Recently the US Food and Drug Administration even allowed the banana industry to make official claimsfor the fruit’s ability to reduce the risk of blood pressureand stroke.

Useful in both constipation and diarrhoea because of it’s high fibre content, the banana also contains good ratios of tryptophan a precursor to serotonin. This regulates the gut and therefore your mood, helping you relax and feel happier.

The leaf of the banana is also useful for cooking and serving local dishes, enzymes activated by heat impart a subtle aromatic flavour to steamed or grilled food. Compare this enhancement with the less ecofriendly aluminium foil…….

Zenxin Organic Bananas are organically grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides, and being local they haven’t travelled far so the carbon footprint is relatively low. They are naturally ripened without the smoke-ripening process as conventional bananas. Moreover, they have strong banana fragrance which you hardly find in the market.

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