Anti-aging from the inside out!

Aging gracefully is not just about what you put on your body (eg. skincare products), but what you put in it (your DIET).

If you are looking for the right food products that can nourish your body (also your overall demeanor!), our Anti-Aging Package is exactly what you need! Read how you can incorporate our products into your everyday diet!


Fresh Raw Honey (1 teaspoon) + Warm water


Organic Happy Energy Muesli (3 tablespoons) + Hot water


Organic Sun-Dried Goji Berry Powder (1 tablespoon) + Yogurt/ Smoothie/ Juice

—Lunch/ Dinner—

Organic Handmade Beetroot Noodle (1 pcs)

**Add in your favourite seasonings/ dressings & fresh veggie to make a wholesome meal!

Click here for our noodle recipe!


Organic Sun-Dried Goji Berries (2 tablespoons)/

Dehydrated Berry Mixed Nuts (1 handful) &

Happy Valley Darjeeling Tea (1 teabag)

How these our products help in delaying signs of aging?

Purchases made between 24th October to 29th November 2019 are entitled to Special Bundle Price and a Goodie Bag worth RM20. Make your purchase now!

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