5-Color Beans for 5 Organs


Simply Natural Organic 5 Color Beans

Tiny but mighty, legumes/ beans are great food ingredients with amazing health benefits. High in protein and fiber, beans are known as one of the best weight-loss-friendly foods. Meanwhile, phytonutrients in beans show proven benefits in reducing risk of various diseases like: heart disease and many types of cancers.


While according to 5 element theory, the organs that benefit from consuming beans vary depending on its color:


  1. Red-Adzuki beans: For YOUR Heart 红豆补心

Adzuki beans are rich in dietary fiber, not only helps in reducing constipation, dietary fiber also helps lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Adzuki beans are rich in iron, thus they are also said to be ‘blood-nourishing’.


  1. Green-Mung beans: For YOUR Liver 绿豆养肝

Mung beans are cooling in nature, thus commonly used to clear body heatiness and removing toxins. Study also suggested that consuming mung beans give liver-protective effects by reducing fat deposition in liver.


  1. Yellow-Soya beans: For YOUR Spleen & Stomach 黄豆健脾胃

Soya beans contain saponin, which enhances the immune function and offers protection against cancer. Isoflavone in soybeans is also extremely beneficial for women’s health, as it shows remarkable health benefits in reducing post-menopausal symptoms.

大豆中含有皂苷,可增强免疫功能并提供抗癌保护。 大豆中的异黄酮也能减缓更年期症候群的症状,因而对女性健康也极为有益。

  1. Black-Black beans: For YOUR Kidneys 黑豆入肾

Black beans are kidney-nourishing as they act as diuretics and help reducing water retention. Black beans are also rich in different kinds of antioxidant such as isoflavones and anthocyanins, thus help promoting healthy complexion and hair.


  1. White-White kidney beans-For YOUR Lungs 白芸豆润肺

White kidney beans are best for safeguarding the health of our respiratory system as they are known to be ‘qi’-nourishing and reduce coughing. In addition, white kidney beans are known to reduce carbs absorption in meal, thus able to control body weight and blood sugar level.


NASAA-certified organic, Simply Natural Organic 5 Color Beans make an amazingly nutritious protein and fibre source for you. Use our Organic 5 Color Beans in your soups, salads, casseroles or pureed into a hummus-like spread! Get 10% discount NOW!


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