Zenxin Featured in Manja magazine!

Our Zenxin Organic Park was featured in a Malay magazine, Manja, in its January 2010 issue.

The English translation for the article can be read below.

Have fun reading!

Meanwhile, Zenxin wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

An alternative weekend getaway filled with organic plantations, good food and panoramic views.  All these and more can be enjoyed at the Zenxin Organic Park.

Not sure where to bring your family over the weekend? Why not prepare your passports, and drive across the Causeway? Visiting Johor  is a familiar activity for most Singaporeans. Each time we Singaporeans step into Johor, many of us will not want to miss the opportunity to shop and enjoy good food.

However, if you would like to try something different for your next visit to Johor, you should spare some time to visit the Zenxin OrganicPark. It is one venue where one can learn new things, enjoy delicious healthy food and shop for fresh organic products under one roof.

Not far from the city of Johor Bahru, the Zenxin OrganicPark is located in Kluang, a 90 minute drive via the Tuas second link. It is one venue you should not miss  if you want to experience the  ‘kampung’ feeling and leave the bustling city life behind.

A relaxing environment and fresh air is promised in this 100-acre Park.  Also, you can witness firsthand the manner in which organic fruits and vegetables are planted in the Park. Your children can also participate in fun and educational programs such as the ‘Be a Farmer for a Day’ program.

Visitors may tour the Park free and easy or take part in a free guided tour at 1030am or 430pm daily. Visitors may also cycle around the Park, and interestingly, Zenxin’s cycling track is one of the longest cycling tracks in Johor. Whilst walking or cycling, don’t miss out your chance to learn as much as you can about plants, fruits and herbs. In fact, there are over 100 herbs planted in the Park.

If you wish to enjoy panoramic views, do visit the Viewing Gallery to enjoy the scenic view. You may feel as though you are in New Zealand, if the weather happens to be cold and misty.

The organic vegetables planted in the Park are placed under a white tent. Some of the vegetables planted include spinach, kangkung, kailan, pumpkins, loofah and more.

Zenxin offers fresh fruits and vegetables which are tasty and healthy, as compared to conventional vegetables. Free from pesticides, the vegetables offered by Zenxin are fresh and wholesome.

If you are feeling tired after walking around the Park, you might want to quench your thirst with fresh dragon fruit juice freshly plucked from the Park. Rich with antioxidants, the dragon fruit juice is good for one’s health and is rich in minerals.

Your visit to the ZenxinOrganic Park is incomplete without a visit to the Zenxin’s organic café. Named the Park Café, this restaurant offers wholesome and delicious halal food – whose fans include members of the Johor royal family.

The most popular dish from the Park Café is the organic steamboat. This dish is served with a mixture of organic vegetables such as mushrooms, cabbage, carrots and more.

Whilst in the café, I was served the tom yam steamboat, as well as the popular chicken marmite which is a favourite with members of the Johor royal family. Both dishes are tasty, but one can get especially addicted to the tom yam steamboat because its soup base is scrumptious.

I also tried its crisply fried tilapia fish served sweet and sour style. The fish was freshly caught from Zenxin’s ponds and tastes good. Those who like kangkung might want to try Zenxin’s nasi goreng kangkung. (Kangkung fried rice)

Whichever dish you opt for, it is bound to be healthy and wholesome as the vegetables used in all dishes are organic.

At the end of the visit to the Zenxin OrganicPark, visitors will walk away with a contented stomach and becoming more knowledgeable about the wonders of organic food.

For those who don’t drive, you can go to the Park by following Zenxin’s one –day Park Tour. Each package costs $58. For more information, do surf www.zenxin.com.my. “

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