Organic Korean Mushrooms

Good news to all shroooom lovers!

Zenxin has now added 4 new types of organic mushrooms from Korea – org. enoki mushroom, org. black oyster mushroom, org. king oyster mushroom and org. mini king mushrooms. They are certified under the stringent Korean Organic standards.

Although all mushrooms are grown in a relatively low chemical environment, they are not guaranteed from the risk of contamination from chemicals and heavy metal contamination from environment or water source.

Being certified organic means the farming of these Korean mushrooms does not use any GMO materials in the mushroom bags, the material can be used as fertilizer or animal feeds safely after mushroom production.

The hygiene of the production environment is assured under USDA NOP Standard, it is be totally free from ionizing radiation and sewage sludge.

The organic mushrooms has more natural appearance that they look “wilder” than the conventional ones and the texture is more distinctive, if it should be crunchy/chewy then the organic ones will be crunchier/chewier!

Wonder why we know so much about mushrooms? Because our mushroom partner is running a 2800m2 mushroom cultivation farm with the family for many years in Korea, with the aim of making Korean good ingredients shrooooming to the world!

Stay tune for more mushroom recipes coming up! 😉

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