Organic Hemp Products – Plant-based Protein Powerhouse

Say Hello to the New Super-Food in Town: Proudly Introducing you all the Simply Natural’s Organic Hemp Products

If you are looking to increase your protein intake from a natural and vegan source, worry not, our Hemp Products just might be the perfect choice for you!

Simply Natural Organic Hemp Products:
• Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds
• Organic Hemp Protein Powder
• Organic Hemp Oil

They are absolutely nutritious, certified organic and totally safe for consumption. Known as Cannabis Sativa, this hemp plant is grown organically without the use of pesticides, and most importantly they are processed mechanically without the use of hexane to retain its high quality.

Free from hexane, additives & sweeteners, our hemp products will definitely amaze you with their amazing nutrition profile;

Do you know they contain 20 types of amino acids, including nine essential amino acids that are unable to produce by our body and must only be obtained from foods. It doesn’t stop there – they are also valued for its ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3. These essential fatty acids are crucial for the development of overall health.

Their pleasant nutty flavor will simply make them a wonderful addition in your favorite dishes, like:
• Smoothies
• Salads
• Cereals & Yogurts
• Baked Goods
• And for Hemp Oil, you can even use it as a topical application as moisturizing oil

So, don’t wait, simply try these nutritious gluten & wheat free hemp products today!

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