Organic Citrus Fruits – From Spain

Organic Fresh, Juicy,Tasty Citrus Fruits – From Spain🇪🇸 

Organic Lemon
Organic Mandarin
Organic Red Grape Fruit

Wanna make some tasty delightful citrus salad this weekend?
Try this: Simply slice these juicy citrus fruits into your desire sizes and then add a bit of lemon juice. Toss and let sit 5 minutes so citrus can release some of their juices. Transfer citrus, leaving juice behind, to a large plate. Tuck avocado in between and around citrus. Now, spooncitrus juice over salad, scatter pistachios over, and drizzle with oil. And then you are ready to go for a delicious citrus salad.

Mandarin: Enhances immunity with higher vitamin C content
Lemon: Act as an anti-aging food and may be able to help keep your skin healthy and glowing with their abundance of antioxidant content.
Red Grapefruit: Boost metabolism and encourages weight loss

But then, make sure to 【CHOOSE ORGANIC PRODUCE】to enjoy their full nutrition and goodness.Say No to:
Chemical Fertilisers
Additional Waxing

We always ensure to bring the best ones for you. Try Ours

Zexin’s Organic Spain Citrus Fruits  🇪🇸
You know we often left out our Spain produce which is more low profile. But Do you know the quality of these fruits are at the top thanks to the combination of sub-tropical climate & fertile soil like in other mandarin countries. That explains the high quality fresh, juicy & sweet-with the right balance of acidity of our citrus fruits. I’m sure you wouldn’t wana miss this.

Bring our best citrus fruits to your home now!!!
Experience the nutritious, healthy and definitely tasty fruits with any of your favorite recipe.🇪🇸 I’m pretty sure you will never regret with Zenxin’s choice.
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