Moringa Oleifera

Lets look into Moringa!

A plant that I believe, is so versatile but not appreciated enough just because it grows easily at the back of our houses. Native to India, Moringa has been used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine for over thousands of years & used by health authorities all around the world to combat symptoms of malnutrition in third world countries during times of famine.

Moringa goes by many names;
Sometimes called as the “Drumstick” plant
“Murungai” in Tamil
“Pokok/ Daun Kelor” in Malay

Moringa’s benefits;

  • Natural multi-vitamins】 It provides Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Protein, Potasium & Iron.
  • Protects & nourishes the skin】 It contains natural antibacterial compounds that protects the skin from infection or inflammation associated with acne breakout. That’s why Moringa has become 1 of the key ingredient in today’s skincare products!
  • Packed with antioxidants
  •  Out of 13 discovered varieties, Moringa oleifera is the most utilized one!

It’s so versatile, almost all parts of the plant can be utilized being fresh or dried;
Moringa Leaves】 Fresh leaves are good to stir fry along with some spices. Dried leaves are often made into teas or grated to powder form to be used as a dietary supplements.
Moringa Pods/ Seeds】Fresh pods are referred to as drumstick, works well in dhal/ lentil curry. Dried pods are often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine & sometimes processed into oil to treating dry skin & other skin ailments.

Moringa being it fresh or dried provides an array of nutrition. Now, if you’re wondering where you can lay your hands on Moringa products, we have it here for you!

Simply Natural’s Premium Grade Organic Moringa Powder is made from high quality organic Moringa oleifera leaves. Grown in India, the farms are certified organic by USDA & IMO Control of India.

How to use;
– Throw in 1 tablespoon of Moringa Powder into any dishes (e.g; any curries, gravies or soups)
– Incorporate into any baked goods (as a replacement for green tea or matcha powder)

Simply Natural Organic Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Tea is free from preservatives, additives & grown under organic agricultural method.

Tips on buying teas: The only time you are washing your tea leaves is when you steep it into hot water. So, opt for Organic Teas as it is free from those nasty chemicals.

With care,
Your friendly nutritionist 

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