Joint Pain- Is painkiller the only resort?

Joint Pain- Is painkiller the only resort?

Any of you or your loved one experiencing joint pain? Though it may start with some minor discomfort or soreness in the joint, usually affecting the knees. As it progresses, the pain can be extremely terrible until it affects one’s mobility and quality of life.

In certain situation when the pain becomes unbearable, some may choose to take painkillers for immediate relief. Unfortunately, the pain would most likely to return after the medication effect subsides. And we know that long-term usage of painkillers is definitely not doing good to our body.

The good news is, there are ALTERNATIVES, whereby you don’t have to worry about undesirable side effects that painkillers could do to your body.

Food can be the natural remedy for joint pain

‘The best doctor can be found in Nature.’

One of the most intensively-researched food would be TURMERIC. Traditionally used in Chinese & Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat arthritis, turmeric has anti-inflammation and pain-alleviating properties attributed to its Curcumin content. Its pain-reducing power has been scientifically proven in some cases to be equal to the pain-relief medicine, with less undesirable health effects. [1]

Not all turmeric is the same

Image result for zenxin lakadong turmericOrganically grown in Darjeeling, Lakadong turmeric is deemed to be the finest among other turmeric variety due to its robust aroma, colour and most importantly higher curcumin content (6-7%), making it more potent than the normal variety (<5 %). Here in Zenxin we have incorporated this amazing ingredient into different products such as Noodles, Tea, Powder, Sweetener, Coarse Cut etc.

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Apart from Lakadong turmeric series, we have other great products for joint pain sufferers:

Image result for zenxin organic ruby mixOrganic Ruby Mix

This mixture of Organic Dried Prunes, Organic Whole Cranberries and Organic Goji Berries are excellent sources of vitamin C and antioxidants, both are beneficial in delaying joint collagen breakdown, one of the main contributing factors to age-related joint pain.

Image result for zenxin Organic AntiOx Chia MuesliOrganic AntiOx Chia Muesli

The combination of Oats, Dried Fruits, Nuts & Chia Seeds in this muesli make the mix tastes naturally sweet & wholesome, and most importantly, giving a boost of antioxidants & omega-3 for a healthy joint!

Want to get all of them? Check out our newly-launched Healthy Joint Organic Therapeutic Package along with Zenxin Healthier You Campaign 2019, which you can find all the aforementioned products. Purchases made between 24th October to 29th November 2019 are entitled to Special Bundle Price and a Goodie Bag worth RM20. Make your purchase now!

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