Introducing Yerba Mate: New Tea in Town

Introducing Yerba Mate: New Tea in Town

Native to South America, Yerba Mate Tea or Mate is made from the dried leaves and stems of yerba mate tree or shrub (Ilex paraguariensis), which mainly found in South America Atlantic rainforest. The plant requires a specific soil and climatic conditions and is grown commercially only in small regions of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Consumed by millions of South Americans as a healthful alternative to coffee, Yerba Mate tea is often called ‘The Tea of God’, It’s said that many has survived drought and famine drinking this tea.

Gourd & Bombilla

In South America, drinking yerba mate or mate is a part of a sharing tradition. The tea leaves are steeped in warm water and the drink is sipped through a metal straw called bombilla from a small dried gourd, which shared among family and friends who take a sip and pass it along. The same gourd can be refilled 20 times.


Containing 3 mighty combo of Xanthine Alkaloids; the Caffeine, Theophylline & Theobromine (the happy compound found in chocolate!), Yerba Mate Tea is simply the tea you need if you are planning to quit on coffee.

  • Compare to coffee, yerba mate tea contains lesser caffeine but drinking them can boost long lasting energy without giving any jittery feeling while also promoting your alertness.
  • The theobromine compound found in Yerba Mate is good for boosting mood in the form of greater relaxation and a more positive affect. Some studies have found that theobromine is also good for maintaining a healthy blood pressure level in body.
  • The theophylline compound, possess a strong anti-inflammatory effect, it may control wheezing and other lung diseases.

It’s benefits don’t stop there. Compare to black and green tea, yerba mate contains higher antioxidant and polyphenols level and more active compounds (196) than green tea (144). To summarize, yerba mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the happy compound of chocolate, all in a single drink.

1. Increase daily nutrient intake

In addition to xanthine alkaloids, yerba mate contains ample of vitamins and minerals needed to sustain life like vitamin B, Vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, manganese and more. They contain even more health promoting compounds like carotene, chlorophyll and fatty acids. You can get all these nutrients, in just a little cup of yerba mate.

2. Promote Healthy Weight

Drinking yerba mate tea can help to increases metabolism, suppress the appetite and also burn calories. Everything you need to maintain a healthy weight.

Organic Yerba Mate & Toasted Yerba Mate Tea

Steeping Suggestion

Recommend to steep your yerba mate for 3-5 minutes only in warm water. For the best flavour, make cold brewed yerba mate tea and AVOID using boiling water. Boiling water makes your Yerba Mate to taste bitter.

Brew a morning cup of Yerba Mate and enjoy it’s goodness today !!!

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