High blood sugar- What should be on your grocery list?

High blood sugar- What should be on your grocery list?

Those having high blood sugar always have this dilemma—What are the best foods to include in your groceries. It’s important to select foods that helps maintaining healthy blood sugar level, to avoid diabetes-related complications. And here are 6 diabetes-friendly foods:

6 Diabetes-Friendly Foods

  1. Cinnamon

Image result for zenxin cinnamonCinnamon is a delicious spice, commonly used as an aromatic condiment and flavouring additive in cuisines. Its blood sugar lowering property is scientifically proven, which it acts like our insulin with the primary function of maintaining a normal blood sugar level [1].

Not all cinnamon is created equal

In Simply Natural (sister brand of Zenxin Organic), what you can find is the Premium Variety of cinnamon– Ceylon Cinnamon, also called “true cinnamon”, which is native to Sri Lanka and southern parts of India [2]. Unlike Cassia cinnamon (aka Chinese cinnamon) which is considered the lower quality, Ceylon cinnamon is the more expensive type of cinnamon with less coumarin [3] .Click here to know more about Simply Natural Ceylon Cinnamon Powder.

  1. Bitter gourd

Image result for zenxin bitter gourd teaBitter gourd is one of the best foods, especially for diabetes- Containing at least 3 actives substances (charantin, vicine & polypeptide-p) with scientifically-proven anti-diabetic property , 2 g of bitter gourd powder a day is recommended to keep blood sugar in check [4,5], and that’s the amount in TWO teabags of Simply Natural Organic Bitter Gourd Tea.

Check out our Organic Bitter Gourd Tea Series!

  1. Chia seed

Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are packed with essential nutrients such as antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, all of which help reducing the risk of diabetes and diabetes complications [6]. Here in Zenxin we have chia seeds made into different food products, whereby you can find Organic Chia Seed, Organic Chia Seed Noodle, AntiOx Chia Muesli so there’s no way that you would miss the wonderful benefits of this tiny seed.

  1. Oat

Oatmeal has long been a common breakfast food. Not only that it makes a hearty and satiating meal, it can be considered as diabetes-friendly carbs. Thanks to the fiber content and lower glycemic index (GI), it could help regulating blood sugar level and reducing post-meal blood sugar spike when eaten in place of other carbs-rich food [7].

However, when comes to choosing oat products, opt for those without added sugar like the one we have for you- Organic AntiOx Chia Muesli– Made of high quality certified organic ingredients: Organic Oats, Dried fruits, Nuts & Chia Seeds, it definitely makes a healthier option than those instant oatmeals laden with added sugar.

  1. Moringa

Moringa leaves has been praised for its wonderful health benefit for thousands of years as it is rich in powerful antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. Among those are isocyanates and chlorogenic acid that possess blood sugar reducing property [8]. In addition, moringa helps reducing inflammation and lowering blood cholesterol, both are common complications experienced by diabetic individuals.

While moringa powder is gaining popularity as a new nutritious superfood, make sure that you choose product with minimal heat treatment (eg. Simply Natural Premium Grade Organic Moringa Powder), to make sure Moringa leaves’ valuable nutrients are well-retained.

  1. Nut

What makes a perfect low-carbs snacks for diabetic individuals when cravings kick in? The answer is NUTs! Research has shown that, those with type 2 diabetes who eat five servings of nuts a week had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease [9].

Nuts are yummy, so it’s easy to overeat them, but you need to keep your serving to no more than one handful a day! Remember to look for brands that contain no added sugar & salt as well! (eg. Simply Natural Dehydrated Mixed Nuts)

Want to get all of them? Check out our newly-launched Sugar-Friendly Organic Therapeutic Package along with Zenxin Healthier You Campaign 2019, which you can find all the aforementioned products. Purchases made between 24th October to 29th November 2019 are entitled to Special Bundle Price and a Goodie Bag worth RM20. Make your purchase now!


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