• Why do we collect our delivery order 30hrs in advance?

We are striving to improve our Farm-To-Table service.

We source directly from organic farmers globally, liaising closely to check on what they have available in their fields and storage. With the feedback from our farmers, we thoughtfully prepare boxes of in-season produce for you and your family. Once payment has been verified, we pack your box and deliver it home within 60 hrs or faster.

If no one is home upon delivery, we leave a friendly notice at the door to notify you of re-delivery or let us know if you would like to donate your box to Ground up Initiatives (SG).

  • Do I still get free delivery if my order value drops below the minimum requirement because something is unavailable?

Yes you do! We prioritize your shopping experience. If the initial order states free delivery, you get free delivery, we promise!



  • Is PayPal really secure?

Paypal’s websites are fully secure and encrypted, nor do us a merchants receive any sensitive financial information such as credit card or bank account number. So rest assured when you pay through PayPal that your banking information is safe and secure

  • What happened if I ordered something but I was told the item was out of stock after I made the Paypal payment?

Paypal is only an authorization for us to capture the amount you spend on our website, it’s not a direct bank transfer. We only capture what we invoice you for the items which we delivered to you.



  • Why is your fresh produce supply unstable?

We do try to update fresh produce stock availability in our website, but you may be informed it is out of stock because it is the seasonality and weather conditions that has to be taken account, which largely affect our supply. Besides that, everyone wants good stuff, they sell out fast! When demand fluctuates against our forecast order volumes, there is risk of items being out of stock. Hence, we recommend ordering a few extra varieties of vegetable just in case some of it runs out.



  • What if I’m not familiar with some of the produce in my box?

Our customers come from all over the world and we try to bring in produce globally which means you may discover new varieties in your box. Our Facebook group (Zenxin Organic Food Singapore) announces new seasonal produce as it arrives and you will find new recipe ideas and tips there. However, please feel free to update your preferences and customize your box to suit your routine and diet, customers can indicate up to 3 dislikes or food intolerance.

  • How do I store my produce?

Locally grown organic food is truly living food! Without chemical preservatives, keeping your produce chilled is key to extending its shelf life. A cold refrigerator set to no warmer than four degrees will help all your organic produces last longer. With the exception of bananas, do not store your produce on the counter, as it will spoil more quickly than chemically preserved produce. This is especially true of organic fruit and berries. For more information, check out AVA website Good Food Safety Practices | AVA for tips on keeping your fruit and vegetables fresh. Please also feel free to send us your tips for inclusion in the newsletter.

  • What if I’m not happy with something in my Organic Box?

To serve you better and the best way to let us know how you feel about your Organic Box, good or bad is to ‘Rate Your Organic Box’ under product review. Any feedback from you would be appreciated. Our team of attentive Zenxin service staff will address any concerns you may have and also love to share your newfound favourite products with other valued customers like you.

  • What is in my Organic Box this week? What about next week?

A box menu will be updated to our valued customers on FB every week based on the crop seasons. You’ll get the best of what’s new or in season.

  • Can I skip your delivery for a particular week?

Yes, you can definitely skip any delivery until the order is processed. Just give us a call to inform our staff to manage your deliveries accordingly.

  • How do you deliver your meat product ?

We use our cold truck to deliver the refrigerated boxes which are packed with ice packs and insulated liners to you. This is to ensure the meat product will stay fresh for the full delivery day.