Eat Well, Gift Well

Eat Well, Gift Well | ZENXIN Chinese New Year Gifts under RM40 2023

All the red-envelope loving people know that this holiday is prime time to usher in prosperity, health and fortune for the year ahead, and giving thoughtful gifts to your loved ones is a big part of doing so. Here’s our take on the special occasion, the ong-anic way.

Huat to Bring

House-to-house visits will be extra festive this year. With certain customs and traditions to be upheld when choosing CNY gifts, enjoy our specially curated collection that translates the best wishes for every person in your life.

Winnie the Pooh Prosperity Gift Pack | Joyful Reunion 幸福团圆

The ideal house visit gift, our exclusive Winnie the Pooh Prosperity Gift Pack makes a grand entrance and all the way to the receiver’s heart. Relatives, friends, colleagues and even your boss will love it.

Comes with limited edition Winnie the Pooh ang pao too, great news for Disney fans.

Organic Handmade Longevity Noodle
| Everlasting Blessings of Longevity 福寿延年

Spanning 3 generations and 50 years of delicate craftsmanship along with the finest selection of organic ingredients, our 70-inch longevity noodle wishes the respectful elderly an auspicious, long life. Comes in 2 Chinese character options: 春福 (Prosperous Start of the Year) and 豐 (Great Harvest All Year).

Enjoy this umami recipe or go minimal with this tea-rrific recipe.

60⁰ Dehydrated Nuts
Prosperity and Wealth 金玉满堂

Each crunch represents prosperity and wealth. ZENXIN’s ideal indulgence scenario is that everyone enjoys snacks and treats without guilt – especially kids, elderly or those with diet restrictions.


Assorted Qingyuan Organic Mushroom Series
Blooming Wealth 花开富贵

A must-have ‘auspicious’ ingredient in various CNY dishes, such as Poon Choi, that wishes great health and great wealth. Homecooks or elderly will be thrilled to receive this to make nutritious home cooked meals.

Feast with Ong-anic

Reunion dinners hit differently this year with all the people you love and cherish. Make this year’s feast extra special and fool-proof with heartwarming organic foods that everyone at the table will appreciate.

Rainbow Yu Sheng Ingredients Kit
Rise and Flourish 风生水起

Toss your way into a prosperous and good fortune 2023 with locally grown organic produce for a tastier spin. Serve up to 6 – 8 people, try this refreshing recipe before the main dishes are served.

Organic Steamboat Stock (Clear and Nourishing Soup)
Reunion 团团圆圆
Qing Yuan Organic Mushroom Medley (4 in 1)
Health and Longevity 身体健康

It is one of the most delicious traditions to strengthen family bonding and sharing happiness as the round shape of the steamboat pot represents family reunion (团圆).

Turn up the “huat” factor up a notch by adding more organic ingredients to your steamboat spread that will surprise and excite, such as organic vegetables, organic longevity noodles, organic mushrooms and more.

If you are into homemade steamboat dipping sauce, we have four recipes that everyone will fight for.

Assorted Organic Herbal Ingredient
Health 身体健康

It is easy to feel ‘heaty’ after indulging all the CNY delicacies (and the weather). To save the hassle, make our ready-to-enjoy herbal ingredients in less than 5 minutes for everyone in the house.


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