5 Simply Natural Organic Teas you must try

Simply Natural Organic Hibiscus Tea has been our customers’ all time favourite. Its cranberry-like sourly flavour makes it an excellent choice as cold brew tea. 

Tips: Add some honey into the cold brew hibiscus tea to make your low sugar, organic version of ‘Hi-bena’ drink!

Our Organic Happy Valley Darjeeling Tea is grown on the foothills of Hilmalayan Mountains. The special aroma and taste makes the tea so good to which Darjeeling tea is considered as ‘Champagne of Teas’.

Sourced directly from SEKEM in Egypt, behind every sip of this tasty bright golden Organic Chamomile Tea lies a great effort of SEKEM to alleviate child labor problem in Egypt. Learn more about the Chamomile Children Project.

Bored of green tea? Why not checking out Simply Natural Organic Green Tea with Mint? Addition of mint leaves not only gives a refreshing taste and cool feeling, it also helps to clear congestion, improve digestion and mental alertness. 

This combo of Organic Mulberry Leaf with ‘Lakadong’ Turmeric Tea works synergistically to maintain normal blood sugar level and ease joint paints. The cooling property of mulberry leaf is neutralised by ‘Lakadong turmeric’ which is warm in nature.

Check out our full tea series!

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