5 colors, 5 elements diet

In Chinese medicine there is the theory of ‘5 elements-五行’: It states that there are 5 types of body constitutions, and depending on our body constitution, the food we put in our mouths can either fuel us or adversely affect our health. By knowing which body type we fit into based on the five elements; wood, fire, water, earth or metal, we can eat a balanced diet to be healthy and strong. 


Red- Heart nourishing


Red color foods such as red beans, tomato, red dates are known for their benefits of raising the ‘qi’ (energy) and blood-nourishing.  Thus, red color foods are known to be heart-nourishing.


Yellow- Spleen nourishing


Yellow color foods including soya bean, banana, pumpkin aids food digestion and absorption, thus are beneficial for spleen and stomach.


Green- Liver nourishing


Green color foods like mung beans, spinach, broccoli are believed to be liver-nourishing as they have powerful detox function.


White- Lungs nourishing


White color foods like white fungus, white radish, bean curd resonate with the lungs and are especially beneficial for the lungs.


Black- Kidneys nourishing


Commonly seen black or dark color foods like black bean, black sesame, black fungus and black rice are kidney-nourishing.


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